Nancy Johnson Squair

Faculty, Learning Centre at Douglas College, English Instructor

Dr. Riaz is professional and clearly up-to-date with post-colonial scholarship. She is able to explain difficult concepts and give examples that students can understand. She has also been an active member of the department faculty with her participation in faculty committees and professional development opportunities.

Azeem Haq

Owner, One-Step Ahead Promotions

I have been working with Amber for almost a decade now. She’s professional, friendly and a quick thinker. She has command over her area of expertise and has helped our clients express themselves clearly by presenting well-composed, creative content in a timely fashion. Amber has helped us move forward in the right direction by designing our client contracts, company policy agreements, and SEO-based content for our customers’ websites, while also providing feedback on the aesthetics of the websites before we present them for client approval. Her comments and critique show attention to detail and are insightful.
She’s an integral part of our daily business operations and I can’t be more proud to have her on our side. Cheers!

Engr. Wajahat Rehan (Mrs.)

Environmental Specialist (R)

I have researched and compiled a 4 volume book titled “Facets of Pakistan”. This book contains data for every district of each of the four provinces of Pakistan, and is organized in 4 volumes, each volume for each of the provinces. I hired Dr. Amber Riaz as a Developmental Editor for this manuscript. She reads each and every word of the manuscript, and has completed the editing for the first volume well ahead of schedule. I have found her editorial skills to be detail-oriented and her dealings with me to be professional and courteous. I feel that the entire look of the manuscript has improved significantly and it now meets with my publisher’s demands, for which I thank Dr. Riaz.
I highly recommend her services.

Ali Pey

Author, Discrimination in Canadian Courts

It was a tremendous pleasure working with Dr. Riaz. I hired Dr. Riaz to copy edit and got so much more. Not only did she catch every single error, but she also provided thorough explanations with each that helped me grow as a writer. I appreciate her professionalism, efficiency, flexibility, dedication and compassion. I plan on hiring her for all of my future projects and I strongly recommend her expertise to anyone who wishes to improve their skills.


Thanks very much for all your help with editing and formatting my dissertation Amber. It looked great when it was completed and the formatting was excellent. I hope I can use your services again when I publish journal articles.

Lola Opatayo

Writer/Editor at lolaopatayo.com

I'd like to thank you for your session on language sensitivity during the Editors Canada Conference. Your teaching was practical and downright honest. I will bear your session in mind for a very long time.

[...] I really loved that you showed us through your experience how we can respond to situations. Presenting those scenarios (and possible responses) and encouraging us to take the polls helped me to think critically about your lesson. It was so much better than chatting about it in a breakout room. I've never had anyone teach me in that manner before and I intend to adopt it going forward.

Vincent Hunter

Author The Crimson Plumes series

Few authors have the opportunity to work with an editor that is invested in the professional development of their writing as well as in the plot and characters, though we can gladly say that we did when working with Amber. We hired Amber to edit our debut epic fantasy novel in 2020 after having met her at a workshop for editing and being impressed by her expertise and kindness. Since then, she has edited two of our books. We are grateful that Amber gives honest, constructive feedback and shows interest in helping us become stronger, more confident writers. We were in awe with how understanding and patient she was with us when we were rewriting scenes, especially those that contained sensitive material. We felt comfortable working with Amber and appreciated her insight as a reader and her expertise as an editor. Any author would be fortunate to have Amber on their team.