For Independent and Self-Publishing Authors

Structural Editing

Have a manuscript ready, but don’t know if it reads well? Need an expert in manuscript development and publishing to see if your manuscript needs to be polished before approaching literary agents? Let’s have a conversation about what a professional editor can do to help steer your manuscript towards publication. Amber Riaz will explain the editing process, and show you what your manuscript needs specifically. Talk to Amber Riaz for a no-obligation price quote.

Copy Editing

This service is ideal for confident writers needing professional editing to weed out inconsistencies in mechanics, content, and style prior to publication. Copy Editing focuses specifically on issues of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style, and checks for consistency of mechanics and of facts to ensure grammatically correct and clear prose that says exactly what you mean it to say. Talk to Amber Riaz for a no-obligation price quote.


Proofreading is ideal for confident writers who know how to write and communicate well, but still want the services of a professional editor to read through the document to find typos, as well as surface errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Proofreading by an experienced editor ensures that an already well-written document is completely error-free and polished before submission to a publisher, or after being typeset by the publisher. Talk to Amber Riaz for a no-obligation price quote.