For Business Owners

Business Content Writing, Editing and Proofreading

The business content writing, editing and proofreading service is designed for business owners who are too busy to worry about composing and editing business reports, press releases or material for their content marketing initiatives. Amber offers a complete package that includes content creation, editing, and basic formatting. Contact Amber for a no-obligation quote.

Content Writing

This service includes composition of content for websites, internal and external communications like memos, press releases, or marketing initiatives. Contact Amber for a no-obligation quote.


Business editing

If you already have content, but do not have the time to polish it for publication, contact Amber Riaz for professional editing services. The business editing service focuses on language structure, and grammar, and pays close attention to readability based on target audience. Contact Amber for a no-obligation quote.


You’ve written your content, and you know that it reads well. Amber’s professional proofreading service for business writers finds and corrects mechanical issues like spelling and punctuation while ensuring that the content is completely error-free and publication ready.

Amber’s aim is to help business owners utilize effective communication tools like well-written press releases and reports to market their businesses successfully. Contact Amber for a no-obligation quote.