For Academic Writers

Journal Article Editing

The journal article editing service is ideal for academics who would much rather be working on their actual research than worrying about sentence structure or grammar, or for academics for whom English is a second language, but who recognize the global reach of an article published in an English-language academic journal.

Amber Riaz offers confidential editing services that help perfect language, grammar and punctuation of articles intended for publication in journals. She uses a combination of editing techniques (developmental, stylistic, copy editing, and proofreading) to polish a manuscript and get it publication ready. As an author with articles and essays already in print, she is comfortable applying specific publishers’ style guides to essays and articles, and producing a polished article through a rigorous, confidential, and professional editing process. She checks for citation style, references, format, heading levels, figures and tables, as well as argument structure and consistency to ensure that each article meets the target journal’s guidelines and publishing standards. Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation customized price quote.

Conference Papers

Amber edits papers intended for presentation at academic conferences. As a seasoned conference presenter, she knows the importance of marking up a paper such that a presenter can skip over portions of the paper in case presentation time runs out without appearing flustered or confused at the podium. In other words, she returns an edited copy of a paper that makes suggestions about what to leave out, and how to get to a neat conclusion at the conference, keeping specified time constraints in mind. Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation customized price quote.

Dissertation/ Thesis Editing

The dissertation/ thesis editing service is designed specifically with graduate students in mind. Often, graduate students find it easy to design and manage complex research projects but struggle with expressing themselves clearly and succinctly in writing. Amber offers ethical editing services for graduate students working with tight budgets and tight deadlines. In consultation with the graduate student and the thesis/ dissertation supervisory committee, Amber designs unique, individually tailored, editing packages for students who are looking for some extra help and advice to complete the thesis/ dissertation writing or revision process and get to the defense stage successfully.

As a member of the Editors Association of Canada, Amber adheres to their Guidelines for Editing Dissertations/ Theses. Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation customized price quote.

Editing PowerPoints and other teaching materials

Amber Riaz has taught numerous university and college courses, and knows that typos can creep into PowerPoints and teaching materials, seemingly at random. With her training as a college teacher, and as a TESL instructor, she can also help polish teaching material so it maintains a student-centered approach.

Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation 30 minute discussion of how her expertise can help improve your course materials for a stellar semester. Contact Amber Riaz now for price quote.

Structural and/ or Developmental Editing

Have a manuscript ready, but don’t know if it reads well? Need help figuring out whether your argument makes sense? The structural and developmental editing service focuses on the flow of the manuscript, looking at how well the argument is structured, and whether any changes need to be made to ensure that the argument is clear, succinct and concise. Amber understands the academic world, and will provide clear comments on what works, and provides suggestions for how to fix areas in a manuscript so the argument and the author’s voice remain the focus. Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation customized price quote.

Copy Editing

This service is ideal for academics needing professional editing to weed out inconsistencies in mechanics, content, and style prior to publication. Copy Editing focuses specifically on issues of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style, and checks for consistency of mechanics and of facts to ensure grammatically correct and clear prose that says exactly what you mean it to say.

Amber Riaz includes formatting and citation checks in the copy editing service, to ensure that an academic manuscript adheres to the preferred style guide. Amber specializes in APA and MLA citation styles, but is familiar with CMOS and Oxford. Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation customized price quote.


Proofreading is ideal for academics who know how to write and communicate well, but still want the services of a professional editor to read through the document to find typos, as well as surface errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations. Proofreading by an experienced academic editor ensures that an already well-written document is completely error-free and polished before submission to a publisher, or after a manuscript has been typeset. Contact Amber Riaz for a no-obligation customized price quote.